Meet The Angels

Granny Angel: She thinks she’s old but she’s not, she has naughtiness seeping out of her at all times. Everything and anything is an innuendo. You have been warned.

BatGirl Angel: A lot obsessed with Robert Pattinson a little obsessed with Batman and slightly bonkers. Oh and she kinda loves DeanBert!

MommaBear Angel: No one hurts this woman’s cubs she’ll chew you out before she lets you hurt one of her friends. She has a softer side though, and if you’re lucky enough to have her as a friend never let her go. Oh yeah she’s more than a little dirty minded…. Cougar comes to mind.

Fifty’s Angel: The person that recommended Fifty Shades of Grey to me…. says it all really….. 😉 Forever in love with Mr Grey.

Devil’s Angel: Let’s talk about sex. If you need any tips our Devil is your woman she knows it all and then some.

LondonCalling Angel: Obsessed with London and the Tudors our wannabe Londoner has a lot of knowledge and knows how to use it. I think her ideal scenario would be Rob dressed up in Tudor gear..

Sparkly Angel: Granny’s other half is brilliant, she has it all with bells on.. and that’s no exaggeration. She’s kind, gorgeous and has an accent to die for. We could listen to her talk all day long.

Cherry Angel: She has a Rob porn collection any fan would die for. If you ask nicely I’m sure she’ll share.


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